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It's Online Real Estate

Building a website is the easy part, building a website that potential clients will visit and end up contacting you is not so easy. We build website’s with your clients in mind.

Secure Guest Wifi Solution

94% of people identify Wi-Fi as the most important amenity at a hotel.**According to Hotel Chatter. Don’t loose potential clients because you are not catering to their needs.

Managed IT Services.

In the information technology age which is ever evolving, it has become impossible to separate the state of your IT systems to the efficiency of your business. We ask your business questions before your business asks questions of you. Is your IT network safe from attacks? Will you be able to recover a server crash? Are the machines on your network encouraging or inhibiting employee productivity?

Contact Call IT services for a free site survey and solutions presentation. Your business can not afford not to.

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Social Media Management

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks of you are not speaking your clients language you will loose them and loose that potential business relationship. A website needs to look good, feel good and most importantly it needs to communicate a message to your clients that they understand. You cannot forget about other social media platforms that your clients visit at every opportunity: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Get online, get found by clients online, and most importantly engage with your clients online.

Help My Online Presence


Secure Guest Wifi Solution

We live in a connected world, people are constantly online.  You only need to think of how reliant you are on being connected ; whether its for business : checking and responding to emails, or for personal : checking in on Facebook, selfies on Instagram, a food for thought on twitter. The world is an extremely online place.

As a hotel or restaurant it is a fact that you cannot ignore, make sure your clients are online while protecting your private network.

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We love our clients, we take care of them because we regard them as Family!

My firm, TKI Scott Attorneys, has been using the services of Katlego Phogole/Call IT Services for several years now.  I have always been impressed by the level of service and attention to problems as and when they have arisen.


Katlego Phogole has an extremely cheerful disposition and handles his responsibilities both seriously and efficiently and I accordingly commend him to you.”

Terry Scott

Owner / Director, TKI Scott Attorneys

Malander Inc. has used Call IT Services from inception of its business. We have always received excellent and a value added service from Call IT Services. Call IT goes beyond what is expected in ensuring that our required IT services done timeously, even if it means sacrificing a weekend or working later hours. This type of commitment from a service provider is commendable especially when the nature of our business demands quick turnaround times.  I would definitely recommend Katlego and the rest of the Call IT Services team for any of your IT requirements.

Lyle Malander

Director, CA (SA), Malander Inc.

Call IT Services has taken complete care of our computer equipment and network system for the past seven years.An effective solution has been created to keep our office up to date integrating complex CAD and printing systems, internet, email and back up capacity.Katlego Phogole is always prompt in responding to any requirements for update or emergencies to enable continuity of our critical technology systems.

We highly recommend Call IT Services.

Roger Davies

Founder, Roger Davies Architects

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