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Guest WIFI offering you more than just Guest WIFI


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Easy to use

Easy to use for both staff and customers, get customer connected, get customers surfing, get customers spending.

Build a database

Few things as valuable as knowing who your customers are and what your customers like. Use Mi-WiFi to gather valuable customer infomation

Is Mi-Wifi as good as we say it is?

Well… The proof is in the pudding!

The Challenge:

The Grand Daddy is host to many international tourists with high expectations in terms of internet and coverage at the venue. WiFi is an expected norm internationally, and therefore the Grand Daddy needs to provide accordingly. There are 33 rooms split over several floors and the roof top access that has AirStream Caravans which have been converted into guest rooms.


The Challenge:

The Benjamin Boutique Hotel is made up of various buildings around a central courtyard, which required planning and wireless signal testing in order to ensure that all areas were covered. The functionality and implementation had to be in keeping with the high standard of the hotel. security was paramount and at the same time guests expected ease of use coupled with good access speeds


The Challenge:

The country club already had a wireless solution in place. This solution was not ideal. The signal coverage was not great. There was no control on access at the club. There were no options to change anything about the setup or tailor the wifi to the club’s needs. No part of the solution belonged to the club.

“Mi-WIFI is brilliant”

Full Grand Daddy Case Study

Faiza Ibrahim

Front Of House Manager

“Mi-WIFI works well to offer a streamlined check-in, and gives a professional looking login for our guests using our wireless.”

Full Benjamin Case Study

Lindsay Torrance

Front House Manager, The Benjamin

“I like it. It lets me control the wireless solution in place here”

Full Zimbali Case Study

M. Boshoff

General Manager, Zimbali Country Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mi-WiFi?

Mi-WiFi is the best solution for guest wireless networking. It requires either a SonicWall Firewall or MikroTik router on the network.

What do I need to have configure Mi-Wifi?

A Mi-Wifi configured router at the breakout point of the network that manages the WiFi.

A decent internet connection.

Which access points work with Mi-WiFi?

Mi-Wifi works with most access points, Aruba, Ubiquity, Ruckus, SonicWall, MikroTik, and we are constantly fine tuning and developing Mi-Wifi to work with more

Which Internet Service Providers support MiWifi?

Mi-Wif works with any internet service provider, wireless, DSL, or which ever you choose. You just need to ensure that you have decent internet connectivity to share with guests

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