Did you WannaCry!?

2 weeks ago, the IT security world was rocked by the wannacry ransomware malware, which woke up businesses to the necessity of having proper network security in place.

At Call It Services we are strong advocates of the SonicWALL firewall and recommend all our clients install one, protect from the evolving world of cybercrime we have no choice but to be exposed to if we want to run businesses. It as an intelligent cybercrime fighting device with a variety of other benefits.

The Wannacry Ransomware spread throughout a network before anyone could do anything about it, and a lot of companies did not have a proper disaster recovery mechanism in place to recover their encrypted data, further advocating the necessity of a multi-layered approach to network security.

As complex as it might have seemed careful analysis of the malware found that it was badly implemented, which indicates that these cyber criminals were just putting feelers out there and will be back with a stronger and more effect version of this malware. Which leads any logical person to ask:

Is my business protected?

You can read more about the technical aspect of this malware : here

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