2018 in the Tech World.

Happy new year to you and yours, to those of you who got to rest, I envy you… LOL.

It’s 2018 and in the tech world we are looking forward to year full of innovation, evaluation and revelation.


The speed that technology moves at is something that is spoken about all the time, and with that being said, it doesn’t seem like that trend is slowing down at all. Not sure if you caught the news but Mark Zuckerberg, is apparently extremely interested in cryptocurrency and “ Facebook is looking into how it can use cryptocurrency” You can read more about it here. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos seem to be unofficially competing in a race to create a sustainable economy in space, which would be an incredible achievement, not just for the tech world but for man kind in general. That being said Elon Musk launched Zuma payload into orbit, read here


Obviously tech innovation will cause us to evaluate the state of affairs on a global scale, because innovation does not only affect a minority of people privileged enough to know about and use these technology, but with AI continuing to chew into the manual labor market, it also creates a set of new career paths that people need to be made aware of and educated in.


If you haven’t seen this I suggest you watch it here, and here. Her name is Sofia and she is by far one of the scariest creations I have ever seen in technology. She is a human like Robot who can interact with humans on a real level, have conversation etc. It feels like we are creating our own apocalypse, Terminator style. With all that said, only time will reveal exactly how technology innovation will affect us on a global and personal level.

I love technology, obviously, that’s why callitservices.co.za is a company offering technology based solutions to business who wish to streamline their business processes.

So as scary as some of these technologies are they excite me, we already have a virtual economy with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and Marks Zuckerbergs’, comments seems like he is about to create a Facebook economy, good or bad you can let me know in the comments.

The race for a space economy opens up such a diverse set of opportunities and challenges that for the futurist like Elon and Jeff will be exciting. If you are a skeptic about this I’ll be interested to read your comments about this.

Sophia, the human like robot you already know my view on, but please feel free to comment below and let me know how watching those videos made you feel.

Hope you have a blessed 2018

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