Happy Birthday iPhone.

Its has been 10 years, yes 10 years, since the release of the iPhone family. Whether love it or hate it, think its mobile device revolution is over or not, you have to admit that the device Steve Jobs and his Apple team created 10 years ago has changed the way we view mobile devices today.

5 things that iPhone has done in the last 10 years:

  1. Set the Standard: Before the release of the iPhone 4 on July 29 2007 all mobile device manufacturers, designed their products after the Palm Treo blueprint ( Comment below if you know what this devices is). After July 2007, all devices look liked black boxes with touch screens on them. Android becoming the largest follow up of the design and some arguing that is has even become better than the iPhone.
  2. Key Note Announcement: Steve Jobs at his best! January 2007 Steve Jobs announced 3 new devices, which followed rumours about Apple doing a phone and speculation on what it is, the 3 devices were an iPod, mobile phone and internet communication device. This was simply one device, which was the iPhone.
  3. Antennagate: The name Steve Jobs gave to the controversy over the iPhone 4’s antenna after initial users complained of dropped calls. Critics reviews on bugs and quirks of a brand new device is inevitable, but the iPhone 4 gave critics a template to follow on how to critic a new device launch.
  4. Siri: Your personal assistant inside your phone, like google is the synonym for search Siri, is the mother of all architectures created for speaking to your phone. Siri’s launch sparked the imagination with celebrities talking to their phones in commercials about Siri’s capabilities.
  5. The App Store: With the launch of the App Store came Steve Jobs prophetic announcement that apps would be the future and give you everything that you need.”There’s an App for That”. Google Play Store, Windows Store etc all piggy back off The Apple App store concept.

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