Managed IT Services

No matter your size of business, Call IT Services has the solutions to help your company move at the speed of business

Office 365

Work anywhere, at anytime, across all your devices with Office 365

Cyber Security

Is your company ready for the rise in cyber criminal activity? Protect your company with Dell Sonic Wall, offering you more than just  a firewall.

Managed IT Services

Call IT Services for technology based solutions that evolve with the times, keeping your company running with little to no downtime, quick response times and pro-active as opposed to reactive support. Free site survey.Call IT Services



Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a revolutionary solution to any size business for a secure email, communication and backup system that keeps you connected and productive when ever and wherever you are across all your devices.

.Call IT Services


Cyber Security

Modern day business needs to be able to answer the questions that cyber criminals are constantly asking business. And with the increase in small business cyber attacks no business can ignore the threat, and have to be secure.

.Call IT Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Industries do you offer your services to?

Call IT Services is a dynamic technology company that is not limited by industry as our solutions are business focused, If you are a business and you need a solution to your technology problems then we are the service provider for you

Where are you based and which geographic area do you support?

We are based in the centralized Randburg area and support Johannesburg and surrounding areas, We have clients in the East, South, West and North Rand.

What does Managed IT Services mean?

When we say managed IT Services we refer to putting monitoring software on all laptops and computers including server on your network, so we can pro-actively support and remote into these devices. Allowing us to tend to a problem before it causes downtime.

Why Should My company sign up for a SLA agreement?

Signing up for a IT SLA allows business to ensure that their IT network is taken care off every month at a fixed cost. Giving the business guaranteed safety for the IT environment without any unforeseen expenses popping up due to support costs.

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