In our previous blog we engaged the Liberty hack issue and 3 key takeaways from the incident.

Today we are engaging the importance of IT companies as well as in-house IT departments, to be innovative hybrid IT organizations focused on creating transformative solutions using modern technologies and managing those solutions over time.

It is impossible to separate business from technology solutions, technology empowers business and with out the right technology in place you effectively have a powerless business.

On-demand data, IoT, network and cyber security as well as custom developed software, that simplifies business processes are skills that every IT department and outsource IT company have available in their arsenal of technology skills. Enabling their client/company to be efficient, effective and some might say above all safe in their daily business operations in this digital age.

1. On-demand data.

Running a business is a 24/7 practice, and with that in mind it is essential that business owners

and their employees be able to access their data across multiple platforms and0 at any time for them to be able to complete their assigned tasks and responsibilities timeously and efficiently, if they don’t they are willingly falling behind their competition who more than likely have these business enabling systems in place.

2. IoT.

In an increasingly connected world, and the advent of mobile devices, it only makes sense that these devices will end up being connected to the business network , this enables and empowers a mobile workforce to complete their assigned tasks on the road. This also brings about the need to manage these devices that are connected to the network.

3. Network and cyber security.

On-demand data and IoT will inevitably lead us to a place where we need to secure the business data and mange internal communications across all the connected devices in a safe and secure way. Companies have to have a security policy in place to securely manage every business process done on the network.

4.Custom App development.

To digitally transform and business, business leaders and decision makers, need to take a good look at their business processes and evaluate how these processes can be mad better through technology. Using technology empowers and enables businesses to better execute daily business activities, saving the company time and money when implemented effectively.

“It is fairly new for most customers to understand modern security- having a great firewall and network protection is not enough anymore. In a cloud-first, mobile first business world, a lot more happens on the edge now, where security threats are a lot different from before.” Shane Weber – Principal Architect at Long View Systems

Call IT Services helps our clients understand that modernizing it’s security is a crucial aspect of it’s digital transformation. All companies need a comprehensive technology solution in place to get there. We assist our clients in understanding that what they need is a true end to end solution and program – not just technology.

To get a better understanding of where your business stands from a IT security and cyber security perspective just email itservices@callitservices.co.zato book a free site survey.

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