As an IT services provider we encounter many organizations, both large and small, who still do not understand the importance of having a secure network in this digital age, where cybercrime is more prevalent and cyber criminals are getting more aggressive in their attempts to extort money out of organizations, regardless the size.

In South Africa alone Millions of Rand has been payed out to cyber criminals who launched successful attacks on an organizations network and encrypted critical data or locked the systems with critical data like servers etc. An attack known as Ransomware, and the only way to decrypt or unlock the system is to pay the requested fee into an untraceable account. Some South African companies have even had to close their doors due to these malicious attacks.

This is a worldwide threat and in America alone Billions of Dollars have been payed out in the last 2 years, South Africa is the most hit of reported cases on the African continent with over 200 in 2016 alone. Due to the financial gain of these crimes there is no end in sight in the fight for digital security.

Employing a competent IT Solutions provider is an imperative in this digital age.

For more information on how to protect your business network from entry to exit email us: itservices@callitservices.co.za. or visit our IT Solutions page.

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From the Call IT Services team: Technology based solutions

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